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My team and I are beyond pleased with the outcome achieved with Elite Investor's leads; over the last 15 years it has been a pleasure to work with Nikki. As a junior financial advisor, it can be challenging to build a clientele base throughout cold calling, however I was lucky enough to meet Nikki within my first six months in the industry, and it changed my life! - The leads were that good! The end result has surpassed our expectations, her professionalism, patience and knowledge in the field is second to none. I truly appreciate you helping me grow to the next level.

― Miguel M. ―

Elite Investors

Nikki has been amazing. I am in the Oil & Gas business and I have heard it all, believe me. But, Nikki was straight forward from the beginning and she stayed true to her word. The leads she has supplied me have been of good quality, and that is why I continue to buy from her of course. But, she is also a pleasure to do business with and always follows up with me right away and gets me my leads quickly. I can honestly say that I highly recommend her.

― Frank S. ―

Elite Investors

I did leads for the Oil and Gas company I worked at for 24 years before retiring. I used many different lead companies. I never got the satisfaction until I started doing business with Nikki. I know the leads will not always be perfect, but if something was wrong she would correct it immediately. That alone was worth doing business with Nikki for over 10 years. If anyone needs a verbal reference, please feel free to contact me at 843-899-4379

― Jamie Warner ―

Elite Investors

I started buying leads from Nikki about 10 years ago. The leads were very good, and I have to say I've written a lot of business with her leads over the years. However, the best part about all of this, is that Nikki and I became dear friends. Nikki's the best, and trust me you'll be happy if you use her.

― Candace S. ―

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