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My name is Nikki Di Pinto. I started this company almost 20 years ago as a way to help some of my friends on Wall Street get Accredited Investor Leads. In the early years, my friends that were involved in all types of businesses gave me the jump start to grow into a now vast business that I enjoy being a part of every day. Over the years they have referred me to countless investment and business professionals. In fact, I've been told that I'm quite unique and an innovator in the business. I've set a precedence in providing high-quality investor leads and in my unyielding customer service. Today I am a full-service investment lead company that specializes in many types of leads including but not limited to Oil and Gas, Accredited Investor, Private Placement, Investor Survey, Stock Broker, Movie Investor Leads and a host of others.

Excellent Reputation

I am well known with Stock Brokers on Wall Street, Oil & Gas Operators in Texas, and with many Alternative Investment Companies around the world. I have built an excellent reputation with them, by providing high-quality leads that are not oversold. Anybody can say that, but I have the references to prove it. Over 90% of my business comes from repeat customers. I am honest with my clients and sell them high-quality leads that have not been oversold. If I have a file I am not sure about, I tell my clients the truth about the file. That is how I have built my business into the success it is today.

Elite Investors
Elite Investors

Never Ending Source

After having worked with investment professionals for over 15 years, I know what type of leads you are looking for. I also, know what type of leads work and what type of leads don't work. I understand that you need investors that are liquid, meet minimum net worth standards and that have a genuine interest in hearing about your projects. I also understand that you need recent leads and not old leads with high disconnect rates. I consistently get these type of leads for my clients, because I get my leads from companies and brokers just like you. After all, what better place to get leads from than from like-minded professionals. The difference is that I have known many of my clients for over 20 years, long before they were my clients when they were simply just my friends. I have since grown my network of clients to include virtually every type of investment professional, and many sell me their leads. This supplies me with a never ending source of high-quality investor leads. So call me, Nikki Di Pinto and test my Elite Investor leads for yourself.

I set myself apart.

Highly Targeted Leads

I specialize in cross-selling investor leads from investment categories that tend to work very well with other investment categories. A lot of my customers tell me that they actually prefer these leads, to the leads from their own investment category!

15+ Years Experience

I have worked extremely hard over the past 15 plus years to build a solid reputation, one customer at a time. I have learned from my customers. Trust me; they tell me what they like and what they don't like. The real key is obtaining the leads directly from the investment companies or brokers and then matching them up with projects that those investors will are willing to invest in. And of course not overselling the leads.

I Refuse To Oversell My Leads

I refuse to oversell my leads, so you may have to give me just 24 hours to get you a file that will work for your project. I am very well-known in New York and in Texas, so it doesn't usually take that long. This is my formula for making sure you get leads that produce results for you.

Providing High-Quality Investor Leads for 15+ Years!

My Customers Buy and Sell Me Leads Over and Over.

I Understand That Once A Lead Is Oversold, That The Lead is Basically Worthless Because The Investors Are Getting Bombarded with Too Many Investment Calls.

I Don't Oversell My Leads.

For Over 15 Years I Have Been Buying and Selling High-Quality Investor Leads.

I Know How to Match Your Offering with The Right Leads That, So That You Can Make Sales.